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Aircraft Coatings

Aircraft protection for the harsh high-altitude environment.


Proven Coating Protection for Aviation

Ceramic Pro System

Ceramic Pro Coatings can be used on all types of air vessels. Both for exterior and interior protection. It will provide extra gloss and great looks, not to mention self-cleaning effect.

Exterior Protection

Exterior can be protected from corrosion, contaminants and any accidental damage. Ceramic Pro coatings are non-organic and cannot be dissolved by acids, bases, and solvents. It will permanently remain on a vessel and save its brand-new appearance for years.

Interior Protection

Ceramic Pro range of products has specialized solutions for plastic, leather, textile and antibacterial coating based on titanium dioxide with ions of silver. These coatings can extend the lifespan of Civil Aviation vessels and improve safety for passengers. In addition, it can refresh the look of seats and plastic parts of the interior that have been in use for a long time.

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Molecular Adhesion

Xzilon Coating

Developed originally for the aviation industry, Xzilon® differentiates itself from other environmental protection products by its chemistry. It's not a wax. Xzilon® is formulated to withstand extreme conditions found in aviation that translates to automotive industry leading protection.

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Reactive Polymer Technology


A New Polymer Polish and Paint Protection Technology. When used to treat a cleaned car Quick-N-Slick immediately shows an extreme brilliant shine while the new Reactive Polymer Technology begins to cure providing a longer lasting, protective, slick, detergent resistant coating and brilliant shine. It continues curing and hardening over the next 24 hours. Added antistatic properties continue to repel road dust.

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