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Protection Film For Your Home & Office

MARS of Billings offers a wide variety of solar and security windows film solutions for your home and office designed to help reduce heat and lower energy costs as well as film designed to secure glass from breakage and being vandalized. You can even add touch of design and privacy to your glass.


Take Control of Temperature for Good


VISION Solar Home and Office Window Film offers a large selection of options to suit any need. Utilizing advanced spectrally selective technology, these window films reduce heat, lower energy costs and maintain the comfort and protection you desire. VISION Solar series includes daylight, crystal clear, evening view, and one-way film finishes, as well as silver and bronze films for both interior or exterior applications. For leading class solar control, check out VISION Clear View Plus.

  • Multiple Finishes Available - VISION Solar films are offered in a wide array of tints and shades to suit every application.
  • Reduce Interior Temperatures - VISION Solar can help eliminate hot spots and reduce inconsistent temperatures throughout your home or office where you need it most.
  • UV Ray Protection - Once installed, VISION Solar films help windows reject over 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting occupants and furnishings inside.
  • Improve Privacy and Reduce Glare - Enjoy privacy and improved outbound daytime visibility with the benefit of reduced glare.
  • Lower Energy Costs - Make your home or office more energy efficient by maximizing coverage on all windows with VISION Solar films.

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Comfort, Savings, Protection, Peace of Mind

XPEL VISION Clear View Plus

VISION Clear View Plus Home and Office Window Film blocks up to 87% of infrared heat. This virtually undetectable film redefines excellence in heat rejection technology and outperforms other types of films, keeping you comfortable and protected. Utilizing a multi-layered film construction with industry leading spectrally selective technology, VISION Clear View Plus helps keep the heat out while letting visible light in.

  • Multiple Shades Available - offered in 70, 55, and 40% VLT
  • Reduce Interior Temperatures - helps to eliminate hot spots and reduce inconsistent temperatures throughout your home or office.
  • UV Ray Protection - rejects over 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting occupants and furnishings.
  • Reduce Glare and Improve Visibility - enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight along with improved outbound daytime visibility.
  • Lower Energy Costs - Make your home or office more energy efficient with VISION Clear View Plus installed.

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Stop Shattered Glass


Glass breakage on any scale poses a threat to customers and family, causing further damage to property or products. This can can be a major setback to daily life for any small business or homeowner. Let VISION Safety Film be a first line of defense against broken windows.

  • Multiple Thickness Available - formulated for impact resistance. To best serve as a protective offering, VISION Safety is available in 4 and 7 Mil thicknesses.
  • Prevent Glass Breakage - holds glass shards in place. minimizing spread and razor-sharp glass surfaces that can pose serious danger to occupants.
  • Protects from Harmful UV Rays - rejects 99% harmful UV rays, keeping occupants protected and furnishings safe from fading over time in direct sun.
  • Virtually Clear and Invisible Protection - hard to spot, and equally hard to penetrate. Providing extreme clarity when applied, the film's strong PET layer is proven to protect and keep glass shards from flying.

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Prevent Intrusion and Unauthorized Entry

XPEL VISION Security Film

Every second counts when slowing down a break-in. Count on VISION Security Film to be the first line of defense for preventing intruders from gaining access to a home, office, storefront, and other important facilities. Utilizing a frame attachment system, VISION Security can be applied to most windows and glass entries, with the level of pre-cut precision XPEL products are known for.

  • Multiple Thickness Available - provides the strongest, virtually undetectable layer of protection for home and office windows. Available in 8, 12, and 15 Mil thicknesses.
  • Deter Unauthorized Entry - Slow down a break-in by orders of magnitude, making it harder for intruders to get in, smash and grab.
  • Protects from Harmful UV Rays - Keep occupants and interior furnishings safer - VISION Security Film also rejects up to 99% of harmful UV A and UV B rays.
  • Virtually Undetectable Protection - Combining the optical quality of VISION Security Film with XPEL precision cut patterns gives any home or office a barrier of defense that's nearly invisible.

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Privacy and Style, Refined

XPEL VISION Decorative Film

To add a touch of design, obtain privacy for your personal space, or simply enhancing the look of glass panels – VISION Decorative Series home and office window films are a perfect fit for the task. Offered in White Frost, White Out, and Black Out finishes, VISION Decorative can transform any room, bringing a touch of style to any flat glass surface by incorporating custom elements like logos, striping, branding, and more.

  • Endless Design Options - gives you the ability to customize your space to suit your needs.
  • Reduce Interior Temperatures - help eliminate hot spots and reduce inconsistent temperatures.
  • UV Ray Protection - designed to reject over 99% of harmful UV rays, keeping interiors and occupants protected.
  • Creates Privacy and Adds Security - help bring the protection of privacy to any room by restricting views and controlling sight lines.

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Keep Windows Clear and Mark Free

XPEL VISION Anti-Graffiti Film

Storefronts, offices, and businesses are easy targets for tagging and speedy vandalism. Replacing large windows can be extremely costly to any small business owner, and can have a major impact on daily operations. Save time on clean up and money on costly glass replacement with VISION Anti-Graffiti Films. When the film is damaged, remove and replace it for an immediate fix, keeping windows pristine and clear of blemishes.

  • Multiple Thickness Available - designed to take damage. To best serve a variety of applications, the film is offered in 4 and 6 Mil thicknesses.
  • Saves Money and Clean Up - Don't keep replacing expensive glass panes. VISION Anti-Graffiti Film can be easily removed and replaced at a much lower cost.
  • Protects from Harmful UV Rays - not only designed to be a physical barrier - it also rejects 99% harmful UV rays, keeping occupants and furnishings safer inside.
  • Optically Clear and Precision Installed - Once installed, it's hard to even tell it's there. Utilizing pre-cut patterns, windows can be protected without detracting from the business or negatively impacting curb appeal.

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Preventing the Spread of Microorganisms

XPEL RX Antimicrobial Film

RX™ Antimicrobial Film has been specially formulated to resist the growth of microbes on its surface, guarding against degradation from microorganisms. Treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the film from fungal growth, RX also contains zinc pyrithione which inhibit the growth of microbes on the film's surface. Improve screen clarity, impact resistance, and stay safe with RX Antimicrobial Film. RX is available in both high gloss & matte finishes.

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