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Odor Removal

Attack those odors inside your vehicle instead of masking it with the help of MARS of Billings.


Odor Removal

What's that Smell?

Attack those odors inside your vehicle instead of masking it. MARS has a spectrum of treatments to apply to the interior of your vehicle depending on the type of odor. Our specialists can investigate the culprit and provide the best options including a variety of chemical treatments and clean air cabin filters to get your vehicle smelling like new.

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Interior/Exterior Detailing Packages

Detailing your vehicle is more than a weekend wash or trip to your neighborhood lube station. It allows a personalized attention to your vehicle to improve and maintain the health of your vehicle. We've invested in the proper tools and use only premium care products to clean and condition your vehicle from under the hood, to inside the driver's seat, and out to the exterior finish. Whether it's your American muscle or your daily driver, you can trust MARS to put in the same level of attention to your vehicle that you would.

Detailing Packages

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Do you have a specific question about your vehicle? Contact MARS of Billings and our expert team of technicians can provide the solution for your vehicle.