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MARS of Billings' paint repair services include paint touch up, scratch removal, paint restoration and much more.


Color Matching

With our Sherwin Williams paint mixing system, we can exactly match the color of your vehicle as if your paint chip never happened. Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has been creating colors for vehicles for decades and is the trusted solution for color matching your vehicle. This premium automotive paint is high-quality and durable to provide a finish that's going to last for the life of your vehicle.


Paint Correction

Bring Back the Shine

Paint scratches and haze can quickly distress the look of a vehicle. With the paint protective layer damaged or missing, your vehicle surface is left unprotected and quickly shows its age. MARS of Billings uses the finest buffing and polishing tools and compounds which allows us to bring back the shine for a smooth surface.

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Spot Painting

Damage Bigger than a Scratch?

Maybe it's damage to your mirrors, moulding, or plastic surface that requires a little more attention. Our technicians have years of experience and can provide the specific technique to weld plastic and smooth molding. MARS can inspect this damage and provide a professional recommendation including options to salvage existing parts.

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Have Questions?

Do you have a specific question about your vehicle? Contact MARS of Billings and our expert team of technicians can provide the solution for your vehicle.