Windshield Repair & Replacement

Windshield Repair & Replacement

Even the smallest windshield chip can spread to a major crack with simple changes in temperature. MARS of Billings can help fix your chips or install a full replacement.

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Ticking Time Bomb to your Windshield

Windshield Repair

Fix Windshield Chips Before they Crack

Even the smallest windshield chip can spread to a major crack with simple changes in temperature. Cracks that reach a certain size typically require a new windshield so it's best to fix them as soon as they happen. MARS can safely fill and repair most windshield chips before they spread while making them visibly harder to spot. Most chip repairs take only 30 minutes and is generally included in most auto insurance coverage so there's no reason to wait.

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Chip Size and Location

The size and location of a chip in your windshield determine whether it's suitable for repair. We recommend letting our windshield experts survey the damage.

Can I Repair it Myself?

There are a lot of DIY glass repair kits on the internet, but experience makes a difference. We have access to professional tools and have years of experience to help ensure your chips are repaired.

Check With Your Insurance

Some auto insurance companies will cover glass repairs with no deductible because it costs less than windshield replacement.

Helping You See Clearly Again

Windshield Replacement

For the rock chips that become cracks

It doesn't take much for a chip to turn into a crack in your windshield. If the cracks are severe enough, it might be time for a new windshield. MARS provides the OEM quality windshields for installation to your vehicle and use high strength durable adhesives to secure it in place. Your windshield helps protect you while driving from road debris. Don't let a crack threaten your safety.

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Protection at 85 Miles / Hour

Windshield Protection Film

Size times more resistant to rock chips than standard glass

Your windshield is the first line of defense against rocks. From basic weather resistance to the most advanced protection against rock chips and road debris, MARS of Billings has your vehicle covered with Windshield Protection that fits your budget.

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You might already associate MARS of Billings with providing restoration, protection, and accessories for your car or truck. But, we also have several solutions for your home / office, aircraft, and your recreation vehicles.

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