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Featured Articles & Highlights

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2024 Centurion FE22 XPEL Fusion Marine Ceramics

Posted: 06/29/2024

 Protect    Marine  

Check out this beautiful Centurion Boat protected with XPEL's Fusion Plus Ceramic Coatings to protect it while adding scratch resistance.

2024 Invasion of MARS Car Meet

Posted: 06/28/2024

 Automotive   Event  

Saturday, August 10th from 6pm-10pm, MARS of Billings is hosting a Car Meet at our 2904 Gabel Road Location for an evening of fun, food, and cool cars.

7 Reasons to Add Corrosion Protection to Your Vehicle

Posted: 05/29/2024

 Automotive   Protect  

Although your new vehicle's frame and body panels have been manufactured with state-of-the-art factory corrosion protection, it's not enough in today's environment.

Ladies Night Thursday June 6th Hosted at MARS of Billings

Posted: 05/14/2024

 News   Event  

Calling all ladies!! Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 6 from 6pm to 8pm. Sorry guys, this is a ladies ONLY event hosted and led by the ladies of MARS.

Paint Correction or Paintless Clearcoat Repair, What's the Difference?

Posted: 04/10/2024

 Restore   Automotive  

MARS of Billings has a variety of services for surface damage including paint correction and paintless clearcoat repair but what are the differences and which is better?

Kenworth Semi RestorFX Clearcoat Repair and Ceramic Coatings

Posted: 03/27/2024

 Restore   Protect   Automotive  

You won't believe it! Watch how our team of Martians restore the shine back to this Kenworth Semi Truck for Nate Sayler Racing.

XPEL Home and Office Film Installation

Posted: 02/27/2024

 Home Office   Protect  

The views we experienced while installing XPEL Vision Clear View Plus 70 window film in this beautiful home were absolutely stunning!

2015 Lamborghini Huracan XPEL Stealth and Ceramic Coatings

Posted: 12/27/2023

 Protect   Lamborghini   Automotive  

There aren't too many Lamborghinis in the state of Montana. We were excited to work with the owner to upgrade theirs with XPEL's Stealth PPF and Ceramic Coatings. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery.

2023 MARS of Billings Holiday Gift Guide

Posted: 11/15/2023

 Automotive   Protect   Accessorize  

Similar to Santa's elves, our team of Martians have put together our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list.

NEW Online Shopping Experience

Posted: 09/28/2023


Not only can you accessorize your vehicle online, but you can now purchase your products and ship them directly to yourself!

Peterbilt 379 Semi Truck RestorFX Clearcoat Repair

Posted: 09/08/2023

 Restore   Automotive  

Before vs After RestorFX on this Peterbilt Semi Truck. With nearly all of the clearcoat oxidized, you won't believe the outcome.

XPEL Home and Office Film Installation

Posted: 08/25/2023

 Protect   Home Office  

XPEL Vision Architectural film is the highest-performing film for homeowners who want UV protection without sacrificing visibility.

2022 Lucid Air XPEL and Exoshield Protection Package

Posted: 08/13/2023

 Automotive   Protect  

How do you protect the longest range, fastest charging luxury electric car in the world? You bring it to MARS of Billings!

2020 Nissan Armada RestorFX Clearcoat Repair

Posted: 05/10/2023

 Restore   Nissan  

Too good to be true? Watch this Nissan's finish get restored in a matter of hours without painting or polishing with our Clearcoat Repair from RestorFX!

MARS of Billings has been chosen as one of DECKED's preferred dealers

Posted: 04/12/2023

 Automotive   Accessorize  

DECKED is a leading producer of in-bed vehicle storage accessories, made right here in the USA.

From the Factory in Sweden, 2022 Volvo XC60 XPEL Stealth Protection Package

Posted: 02/22/2023

 Protect   Volvo   Automotive  

From the Volvo Factory in Gothenburg, Sweden to MARS of Billings. Watch this XPEL Stealth Protection Package installed and an exclusive review of MARS!

Lifetime's Designing Spaces Using XPEL Vision Film

Posted: 02/10/2023

 Home Office   Protect  

Lifetime's Designing Spaces is an award-winning home improvement. On this episode, we explore how XPEL Window Film can bring performance & protection to any space.

2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks Edition Overland Protection

Posted: 01/11/2023

 Ford   Protect   Accessorize   Automotive  

This 2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks received an XPEL full vehicle wrap and had several Overland Accessories installed. Check out this featured vehicle video and photo gallery.

2022 Ford Bronco XPEL Protection & Overland Accessories

Posted: 12/28/2022

 Automotive   Ford   Protect   Accessorize  

MARS of Billings not only protected this 2022 Ford Bronco with XPEL Film but decked it out with a ton of accessories. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery.

2022 MARS of Billings Holiday Gift Guide

Posted: 11/30/2022

 Automotive   Protect   Accessorize  

Similar to Santa's elves, our team of Martians have put together our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list.

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid XPEL Fusion

Posted: 09/12/2022

 Protect   Tesla   Automotive  

XPEL Ultimate Fusion Plus combines the benefits of paint protection and ceramic coatings into one application. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery.

2022 Valley FCU XPEL Vision

Posted: 07/27/2022

 Protect   Home Office  

Window Tint isn't just for vehicles. Add XPEL Vision Solar Window film to your home or office to block glare and control temperatures!

2022 Wapiti Cabin XPEL Vision Installation

Posted: 06/29/2022

 Home Office   Protect  

Take control of temperatures in your home or cabin and protect against the sun with XPEL Vision Solar Window Film

Supply Shortage Affects GMC 2023 Models

Posted: 06/29/2022

 GMC   Automotive   Accessorize  

Automakers including GMC are still grappling with supply shortage of microchips causing delays or removal of specific features.

Top 10 Campgrounds for your Roof Top Tent Adventures!

Posted: 06/22/2022

 Automotive   Accessorize  

Whether you're looking for an epic Rooftop Tent camping experience in a national park or just a great campground close to home, we hope you find the perfect spot on this list!

Hitching Up Your Subaru

Posted: 05/27/2022

 Automotive   Subaru   Accessorize  

Many Subaru owners lead active outdoor lifestyles. Adding a trailer hitch to your Subaru creates flexible storage options no matter your Montana destination.

2022 Maserati Levante GT XPEL PPF + Coatings Installation

Posted: 04/13/2022

 Automotive   Protect  

It's not everyday we see a Maserati come through the shop! MARS of Billings recently upgraded this 2022 Maserati Levante GT with XPEL Paint Protection Film along with Ceramic Coatings. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery.

What is Nanoceramic?

Posted: 04/10/2022

 Protect   Automotive  

Everything you need to know and why you should are about it.

Devon Davidson Receives Billings Chamber Excellence Award

Posted: 04/07/2022


The Billings Chamber of Commerce honors incredible people and organizations who impact the community.

Rear Seat Entertainment System No Longer Available in 2022 GMC Yukon

Posted: 03/11/2022

 Automotive   GMC   Accessorize  

The Rear-Seat Media System for the 2022 GMC Yukon will be unavailable to order for the remainder of the model year. It's unclear at this time what is behind the availability issues for the system.

2021 Dodge RAM TRX XPEL PPF & Exoshield Windshield Protection Installation

Posted: 02/11/2022

 Automotive   Dodge   Protect  

MARS of Billings recently upgraded this rare 2021 Dodge RAM TRX with XPEL Paint Protection Film and Exoshield Windshield Protection. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery.

2022 Ford Bronco Leather Replacement and Heated Seats Upgrade

Posted: 01/30/2022

 Ford   Automotive   Accessorize  

MARS of Billings recently upgraded this 2022 Ford Bronco with Leather Replacement and Heated Seats. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery.

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Window Tint Installation

Posted: 01/21/2022

 Automotive   Jeep  

MARS of Billings recently installed XPEL's PRIME XR Plus Window Tint to a new 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery and install video.

Toyota's Key Fob Remote Start Will Now Require a Subscription Fee

Posted: 12/29/2021

 Automotive   Toyota   Accessorize  

Subscription-based features are taking over the automotive industry—and now they're coming for your key fob.

How to Choose the Right Window Tint

Posted: 09/01/2021


There are several factors to consider when choosing vehicle tint for your vehicle including state laws. We've outlined how to choose the best tint for your vehicle.

Protection Film For Your Kitchen Surfaces

Posted: 09/01/2021

 Home Office   Protect  

Protection Film is not just for vehicles. Installing Protection Film will help protect natural wood, granite, tile, marble, and quartz countertops.

Why Your Windshield is So Expensive

Posted: 08/25/2021


It's surprisingly easy to damage your windshield. One piece of gravel when you're driving behind a truck on the highway is all it takes. The Cost of Windshield Replacement in 2021 might surprise you.

2020 Ford GT Feature

Posted: 08/01/2021

 Automotive   Ford  

MARS of Billings had the Opportunity to Protect a NEW 2020 Ford GT. This is a rare, expensive vehicle that provided a unique opportunity for our team of Martians.

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