2022 Ford Bronco Leather Replacement and Heated Seats Upgrade

MARS of Billings recently upgraded this 2022 Ford Bronco with Leather Replacement and Heated Seats. Check out this featured vehicle photo gallery.

Posted: 01/30/2022
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2022 Ford Bronco Leather Replacement and Heated Seats Upgrade

Add missing features to NEW vehicles

The pandemic hasn't slowed the demand for new vehicles. However, because of supply chain and chip shortages, what inventory that is available might not include all of the expected features buyers are used to seeing. Things like leather interior, heated seats, remote start, and even vehicle sensors are in short supply. As a result, you find yourself looking at additional upgrades right after purchasing your new vehicle.

MARS of Billings can install after market accessories to your new vehicle so you can still get the vehicle you want with all of the options you want. This 2022 Ford Bronco is getting a leather replacement kit as well as heated seats and a Front Bumper LED Light Bar. We have several options to meet your style and budget. Our products include a warranty to cover any issues long after your purchase.

Leather Replacement Heated Seats

2022 Ford Bronco Leather Replacement & Heated Seats

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