Detailing for your RV & Watercraft

Detailing for your RV & Watercraft

Detailing your recreational vehicles is a lot more involved than with your vehicle. We have the room and and tools to detail your RV, Camper Trailers, boats, and just about anything else you can bring to our facility.

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Clean, Polish, and Protect

Exterior Detailing

Keep your RV, Campers, and Boat looking it's best!

When recreational vehicles and trailers can be up to 40 feet in length and 13 feet an rv yourself can be challenging. This makes RV cleaning and protection extremely difficult without the proper training, tools, and equipment.

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  • Exterior No-Rinse Wet Wash
  • Thorough washing of surfaces
  • Exterior storage and Roof cleaned
  • Paint Protection Sealant
  • Clean Rims, Tires, & Wheel Wells
  • Clean Exterior Mirrors and Windows
The "Right" Kind of Clean

Boats and RVs are typically fiberglass with a gel coat finish - different from an auto paint finish. In addition, boats and RVs often have canvas, vinyl, wooden, aluminum, and plastic surfaces not found on a vehicle.

Paint Protection Sealant

Sealants are designed to bring out the surface beauty and protect it from the elements. While wax lays on the surface, sealants adhere to the surface to create a protective coating or shell that can last six months or more.

Attention To Detail

Interior Detailing

Give your RV, Camper, or boat that factory look

You spend all of your time in your RV and Camper Cabin. It's your living space where you cook, eat, and sleep and can collect dust and dirt from each trip. MARS of Billings has the tools and technique to help maintain your recreation vehicle's interior.

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  • Complete Interior Detail
  • Interior Wipe Down
  • Carpet Extraction
  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Upholstery Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Clean Vents & Dash Components
Carpet Extraction

We use a powerful carpet extractor and water to lift and remove the deepest soiled carpets. This process will bring the texture and appearance back to the carpet and restore the look to near new.

Leather Clean & Condition

The leather is cleaned by hand with Leather Cleaner and Conditioner and then treated with the best aviation conditioner.

Complete Solutions from MARS of Billings

You might already associate MARS of Billings with providing restoration, protection, and accessories for your car or truck. But, we also have several solutions for your home / office, aircraft, and your recreation vehicles.

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