Windshield Protection

Windshield Protection

Your windshield is the first line of defense against rocks. From basic weather resistance to the most advanced protection against rock chips and road debris, MARS of Billings has your vehicle covered with Windshield Protection that fits your budget.

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A Protective Film Unlike Any Other

Exoshield Windshield Film

Thin Film That Makes Your Windshield 6x Stronger

ExoShield is a innovative, razor-thin film designed to deflect debris at the most microscopic level. With advanced nanotechnology embedded in a multi-layer, distinctly transparent film, ExoShield delivers superior protection against stone chips and the toughest weather conditions. ExoShield is 6x more resistant to stone chips than standard automotive glass, meaning it can prevent chips from most stones hitting your windshield as fast as 85 mile/hr.

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Stops Rock Chips

6X increased protection from rocks that lead to expensive windshield repair or replacement costs.

Unbeatable Clarity

Visible light transmittance of >90% gives you the protection you need without affecting your visibility or your vehicle's appearance.

Longer Lasting

6H hardness rating that prevents abrasion from dirt or sand to keep your ExoShield and your windshield looking like new.


Clear Protective Layer For Glass

XPEL Fusion Plus Glass

Keeps glass surfaces and windows cleaner with added protection

From the industry leaders in self-healing paint protection film comes Fusion Plus, a ceramic coating you can count on. Purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) & painted surfaces, XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application.

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Repels Water, Dirt And Splash Back On Windows

Fusion Plus Glass Ceramic Coating Provides a Clear Protective Layer on Your Glass Surface to Help Keep Your Glass Cleaner, Clearer and most of all easy to clean.

Helps Protect Glass From Harsh Environments

Offers Hydrophobic and Self-cleaning Properties on Glass Surfaces.

Resists Stains And Chemical Etching

Formulated to Protect Against Damaging UV Rays, Oxidation, Insect Acids, Corrosion, and Contaminants.

Easy Maintenance

Prevents Discoloration From a Variety of Environmental Contaminants That Can Damage Glass.


Liquid Glass Protection


SharpShield liquid glass protection bonds to the glass to fill in Windshield surface ridges

Did you know vehicle glass is not smooth? In fact, when viewed under a microscope, ridges and valleys are present in the surface of the glass. SharpShield bonds to the glass to fill in the ridges, adding up to 40% greater strength that lasts up to four years with no re-application.

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Common Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions about SharpShield

How does SharpShield strengthen glass?

SharpShield is a nano-chemical polymer suspended in water. When applied to windshields or vehicle windows, the liquid glass solution chemically binds to the silica content in the glass. It then turns solid and transparent as the water content evaporates.

How often does SharpShield need to be reapplied?

SharpShield is formulated to bond to silica in glass and is not affected by detergents, wiper blades or minor abrasion. This makes the bond last up to four years.

Will SharpShield prevent all windshield cracks?

SharpShield is not guaranteed to stop all rock chips that could potentially break the windshield, but will reduce the chances of a break. Testing indicates 20 to 25% added surface strength with one coat of SharpShield, and up to 40% with two coats.

How is visibility improved at night?

Headlights and streetlights refract light off of the imperfections in the windshield creating a "halo" effect and glare. SharpShield minimizes the imperfections which reduces the glare up to 35%.

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