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Close Encounter Service

Detailing your recreational vehicles is a lot more involved than with your vehicle. We have the room and and tools to detail your RV, boats, and just about anything else you can bring to our facility.


Close Encounter Service

Interior/Exterior Detailing Packages

Detailing your vehicle is more than a weekend wash or trip to your neighborhood lube station. It allows a personalized attention to your vehicle to improve and maintain the health of your vehicle. We've invested in the proper tools and use only premium care products to clean and condition your vehicle from under the hood, to inside the driver's seat, and out to the exterior finish. Whether it's your American muscle or your daily driver, you can trust MARS to put in the same level of attention to your vehicle that you would.

Detailing Packages

Paint Correction

Bring Back the Shine

Paint scratches and haze can quickly distress the look of a vehicle. With the paint protective layer damaged or missing, your vehicle surface is left unprotected and quickly shows its age. MARS of Billings uses the finest buffing and polishing tools and compounds which allows us to bring back the shine for a smooth surface.

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Do you have a specific question about your vehicle? Contact MARS of Billings and our expert team of technicians can provide the solution for your vehicle.